Updates and Upcoming

If you follow my blog then you might have noticed that I have been absent a little bit lately. I tend to schedule posts about a month in advance, and even still I haven’t posted in quite a while…

I’ve been busy. I went on holiday. Busy? Busy living life. It’s amazing how fast time passes.

I also got a second kitten!! The new little girl has certainly kept me busy the last few days. She’s currently has her own room as we are going to be introducing her slowly to our other cat. I’m probably going to write a couple blog posts on how to integrate an introduce two cats together. I did a lot of research.

I’ve also had to reassess the plant grow room; its gotten a bit out of hand. I’ve been regularly watering, but pruning hasn’t been done in a long time. Some plants have grown… excessively. Other plants have now been completely gutted. Expect a few update posts.