Topping Pepper Seedlings; 1 & 2 Month Updates

Some interesting time marks:

Start – Let’s take a look at my 2 month old pepper plants. They are already flowering!

3.20 – I show my picolino basil. One of the basils isn’t growing so well, and I explain why. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

5.40 – We take a look at the 1 month old bonchi seedlings. I demonstrate how to prune these seedlings.

6.50 – We discover that the Chinese 5 Color variety is two seedlings fused together!! It happened naturally, and took 1 month for me to even notice.

8.20 – I show in detail where to cut for the first time ever on a pepper plant. I give examples of different types of leaves and what to look for.

9.40 – I show a plant that’s developed some edema. I explain how this might effect pruning.